I met this little turtle at Prospect today. He made eye contact and didn’t seem too intimidated. In fact, he just moved in my direction and lifted his head high, trying to see me better. I got to touch his shell and show some affection. He was very much appreciative and I was the first to leave, not him. We both had a nice tête-à-tête. He liked sun-bathing and had the most beautiful face.

The morning brought forth a lot of color. Lily pads were sprouting flowers and everything was green and wet from the rain the night before. Zach befriended a community of yellowthroats and watched as they flew from tree branch to tree branch. In some small way, I’ve always wished to be a bird. That idea of flying, has always made my insides spin. My soul soars just the same.

On the hike back home, we spotted a yellow-crowned night heron as well. It was sitting in the skeleton of a fallen tree, extending well into the lake-bed. It was majestic in character, and my whole body ached. I thought about all of nature that was dismissed heavily by mankind and exchanged that inward negativity for optimism. I have so much love for the natural world. It’s starting to push me to action too. There’s a wisdom buried there in that part of myself.


Right now Zach’s in the next room recording a song called ‘Deep Dark Well’. He’s got his banjo and guitar close by and I can hear certain sounds drifting in. Yesterday I recorded a song too. This is how we’re progressing these days. Maybe we’ll have something to share with the world soon. Right now though, it’s all about playing quiet. Sometimes being alive is damn good, ya’ know? :)

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